Acting in a business - like manner we do not forget that we are part of the city, its atmosphere and the course of events that may sporadically happen, and that is why we try to support institutions in their cultural and social activities.

We have supported local government entities, cultural and art institutions as well as social organizations for years. We focus on reliable, responsible and partner cooperation, which aims to strengthen the social capital in Poland. We are experts in the field of visual communication in urban space. We have a mobile media system, on our offer we have, among others, stands, totems, flags, and tripwire posts. We support events using also high-quality LED screens and multimedia kiosks, which can have both an information and sales function.

Cities and Local Governments

We are part of the city, therefore, we want to participate in important and prestigious events actively. We cooperate with cities and local governments in their effective promotions, We take care of the best visibility of sports, cultural and charity events taking place in its spaces. Thanks to our projects, the city is gaining unforgettable reputation.

We actively support, participate and promote the activities of various types of institutions. We take pride in participating in renown initiatives for the city, increasing their coverage effectively. We support visual communication of events, which tell about the city, culture and history. We have cooperated with the National Museum in Cracow for years. An extensive network of external media: LED screens, large-format surfaces, billboards allow us to prepare effective and involving announcement for proposed events. Together with the Sports Infrastructure Management in Cracow, we participate in the preparation of visual broadcasting of sporting events. With our external media we supported, among others, PZU Bieg Trzech Kopców (PZU Three Mound Run), Mistrzostwa Europy w Kajakarstwie Slalomowym (European Championships in Slalom Kayaking). We take care of their visibility, also by offering a number of original solutions, such as stands, flags, totems or tripwire posts, which effectively promote the message in the key points of the city.

Culture and art institutions

We have supported the development of culture and art for years. We cooperate with institutions whose aim is to promote and propagate important ideas for the communities of idea. We have an extensive network of advertising space, multimedia devices, as well as our own printing house, which allow us to participate in the preparation of an all-inclusive visual communication of the events proposed.

As an experienced partner of culture and art institutions, we support organizations in the implementation of their statutory tasks. We care about the visibility and knowledge of events taking place in our city. An extensive network of external media, our own large-format printing house, knowledge and experience allow us to build the coverage and awareness of events. Among the group of our partners there are, among others. Teatr Łaźnia Nowa. As a partner, we advertised in the space of Cracow, and thus we were building the coverage of many valuable initiatives. Since 2012, we have cooperated with the Capella Cracoviensis Foundation. In the urban network of LED screens, we advertised the International Festival “Music in Old Cracow” organized by the foundation. We also worked with the Cracow Festival Office. In 2017 we sponsored the conference "Dźwigacze Kultury" examining the condition of institutions related to the world of art and culture.


Together we can do much more. We have promoted and supported the activities of organization for the benefit of society for years. We believe that only joint action can bring tangible and intangible benefits to the whole society. As a visual communication agency, we actively participate in local and national initiatives, and strengthening their coverage.

As a partner of social organizations, we participate in building the awareness and coverage of social initiatives. We support the activities of charity organizations whose commitment and determination helps to build a better tomorrow. Since 2017, we have cooperated with the Association of Friends of the Polish Humanitarian Action. We committed ourselves to take promotional and informational action for humanitarians, water and sanitation, food programs and PAH SOS Club. We provided city LED screens, which effectively build the coverage of campaigns. In addition, we print information and advertising materials. We also cooperate with the Tesco Dzieciom (Tesco For Children) foundation. The last edition was aimed at raising funds for the purchase of neonatological ambulance. We took care of the visible delivery of this idea, making available 15 billboards and 2 LED screens for this purpose.

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