Knowledge and experience and a modern technological park allow us to implement personalized solutions, which support the success of your brand.

We are the creator of modern technologies in the visual communication sector. We adapt the achievements of the IT industry to the needs of innovative tools which support sales boldly, create the image and strengthen the relationship with the customer. As the first in Poland, we installed high-quality LED screens in the display windows and shopping malls. We were also the first who implemented the original sales terminal, which is based on the lift and learn technology. Creating innovative solutions is the source of our greatest satisfaction.


Thanks to an in-depth market analysis, in 2006 we launched our own printing house. In this way we achieved independence. The modern machine park covers an area of 1,200 m², and the production potential allows us to print almost 15,000 m² of surface within a day.

Since we launched our own modern machine park, we are independent now. Our own printing house with a surface of ​​1,200 sq. m allows for a comprehensive processing of orders. We print among other things, in latex, UV and solvent technology. Caring for the natural environment, we introduced printing standards, which allow us to minimize the adverse impact on the environment and integrate into eco-standards. As the first in Europe, in 2012, we installed an 8-color large-format printer "Uvistar PRO-8 5032" of Matan Digital Printers. 

The most important printer models: NUR Expedio, Revolution, HP XL1500, Flora, Roland RE-640, Swissqprint, HP Latex 370, the Uvistar Pro-8. As a complement there are specialist devices for post-production, such as cutting plotters, milling machines, laminators, and welding machines.


Digital screens mean, first of all, the unity of the content broadcast, and the opportunity to show the offer in its full glory. We have been producing and installing them for almost a decade. We offer both LCD screens - we use them in smaller projects (max 100 inches), and LED screens - ideal for larger projects.

LED screens are innovative tools, for support communication, marketing and sales. We started projects using the potential of multimedia solutions as long ago as the 90s Today, we are a pioneer in the implementation of high quality LED and LCD screens. We install media in the widely understood in-store area - both inside the showrooms and in the shopping malls. Modern screens are not only an excellent medium of information, but also if it is properly integrated into the surroundings - it becomes a prestigious complement to the interior.

LED screens are also great tools used in the outdoor communication. We offer an extensive network of free-standing urban LED screens, located in the busiest places of urban agglomeration. 


We provide experience and offer unlimited possibilities of creating your message on various surfaces. We offer a wide range of materials, tailored to the most sophisticated implementations.

Printed elements organize the interior effectively, facilitate navigation and display the offer. Modern technologies allow to apply printing to various types of substrates. Our offer includes banners (front lit, back lit, block out), mesh nets, self-adhesive foils (monomeric, polymeric, poured, for highlighting), papers (billboard webs, city light, photographic) and textiles (flags, banners).

In production, we also use hard materials, such as PVC, PP, Dibond, Kappa, Plexa boards, carton, and hips or foam boards.

In the interest of natural environment, we introduced print standards, which allows us to preserve eco-standards, and limiting their negative impact to the minimum.

The use of technology enables integration and thus efficient management of the production process is the standard of our services. We are working on the most modern software of Caldera brand. This is a comprehensive solution, which allows us the means to reproduce the colour profile faithfully.

We try to improve our productivity and quality of work all the time. We invest in the latest technological solutions available on the market. We are following trends constantly, both in the field of printing and technology, thanks to which we can strengthen and maintain the position of the leader of sector. We attach great importance to the software of printers, which affects the functioning of our machines directly, and thus translates into the efficiency of our work.

Caldera – a manufacturer with 25 years of experience is our supplier of software. The software dedicated to large format of printers that allows them to optimize production, monitor quality, and what's more, it has a function to program cutting marks. The user-friendly interface supports the work of printers effectively.


Our print standards meet the highest ecological standards. We care about the natural environment, we print using only the ecological inks on the materials, which are suitable for reuse.

We print on the basis printing technologies: solvent, uv and latex.

Solvent printing is currently the most popular printing technology used. Its advantage is a high resistance to external factors. Udes widely in case of overprinting on banners, meshes or tarpaulins. UV print is used for both small and large format print. This is a method of dropping the hardening by light, which guarantees extraordinary durability of printing, Latex printing uses water-based paints, and therefore it is completely harmless to health and fully ecological.

"We are a pioneer of modern technologies in the visual communication sector. We are adapting the achievements of IT industry to the needs of innovative tools, which support sales, create the image and strengthen the relationship with the customer".

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