We are an experienced agency of visual communication providing innovative solutions in the field of: outdoor advertising, design of display windows, implementation of multimedia kiosks, and designing and building exhibition stands.

Create a versatile team, which combines the competence of many specialists. As the agency of visual communication, existing on the market for almost twenty years, we provide a number of dedicated solutions. Outdoor, in-store, digital, print and expo - these five terms is the shortest definition of our business. The combination of team competence and modern technological facilities allows to attend to customers in a comprehensive way - from concept, through production, to installation in many destinations.


We examine, interpret, recognize and we set - this as our mission and our daily challenges. We follow trends and propose innovative solutions for the wide Out of Home market. The experience, coming out of passion and constant need for being the best, makes us the leader of this revolution.

We are a team of marketing specialists, architects and designers for whom creative brand positioning is an art, which guarantees success in the contemporary market reality. We combine the experience of the creative sector and IT specialists. We adapt technological achievements to the needs of creating innovative tools in the field of visual communiaction. We have our own technological park, thanks to which our field of activity is almost unlimited.

The portfolio of our services is characterized by such words as: outdoor, instore, digital, print and expo. We have an extensive network of advertising media, we design and design commercial spaces. We provide personalized digital signage solutions. In addition, we specialize in large format pronts and the implementation of exhibition stands.

When in 1998 CITY was founded, our aim was to introduce solutions supporting the communication brand strategy on the market. After 20 years of existence we gained more experience, than we could have expected. We started with basic advertising boards to be able to offer modern technologies in the country today.

We focus on continual development. Modern market reality requires continual updating of knowledge in order to be able to respond to the needs of customers comprehensively. We started our business from offering advertising media to become the leader of digital signage sector today and to provide cutting-edge solutions, which support visual communication of brand.

Thanks to an in-depth market analysis and understanding of customer needs in 2006 we launched our own printing house. Modern machine park ensures independence from external subcontractors and allows us to offer our clients solutions at the highest, world-class level.


Professional and making a good team it's us! We invest in people and have the best specialists, who constantly expand their knowledge and develop skills. Our team consists of architects, graphic designers, marketing specialists, printers and traders, without whom we would never achieve success.

We started with three partners who laid a solid foundation for the dynamic development and strengthening of our brand on the market. Today we are the leader in this sector and set new horizons. We make up a team of the best professionals in our respective fields, thanks to which we can provide comprehensive support for the project - from the presentation of concept, until final implementation. The commitment with which we operate reflects the company's logo perfectly - red colour emphasizes the common passion and determination to provide high quality services.

Today three partners are still the pillars of the CITY brand: Rafał Zamorski, who is the position of Director in charge of sales, Wiesław Stopa who manages the Finance and human resources Department, and Zbigniew Wróblewski, who manages the Production Section.

We run a policy that encourages sustainable development. In our work we are guided by social, ethical and environmental factors in running our business. Reliability, responsibility and trust are the values, which we put first.

Social responsibility of business is a philosophy, which is an integral assumption of our strategy. We are aware that our business can affect the environment in which we operate directly. We run a policy of sustainable activity to meet social and environmental challenges. We are involved in local initiatives, we invest in social capital, and priniciples of environmental policy determine our business activity. In shaping long-term relationship with stakeholders, we are guided by the pronciples of transparent cooperation based on trust.

In the context of charitable activity, we cooperate, among other things, with the Tesco Foundation, Siemacha Association, and the Association of the Friends of Polish Humanitarian Action.

Achievements and

We are proud because there are reasons! For nearly twenty years of our activity on the market, we have won many prestigious awards and distinctions for the projects implemented and campaigns.

We are the winner of prestigious rankings, which appreciated innovation, development and the results achieved. In 2014, we received the title of Businedd Gazelle, recognizing fow fantastic the policy of rational management is, which motivated us to hard work even more, and in 2016 we had an honourable of placing in the Forbes top ranking companies which developed their potential dynamically. In 2017, we were appreciated by Polish Digital Signage Association Awards, receiving awards for the implementation of digital signage projects.

"We are a pioneer of modern technologies in the visual communication sector. We are adapting the achievements of IT industry to the needs of innovative tools, which support sales, create the image and strengthen the relationship with the customer".

10 years
of activity
20 experienced
3400 sq. m. of production
999900 sq. m. of print 
per year

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