Vistula Terraces 2.0

One of the largest Cracow developers, Inter-Bud, was put into operation the "Vistula terraces 2.0" investment. It is a modern space, full of life, providing a unique form of style, location, as well as comfort. We took care of the prestige of project implemented close to the Vistula Boulevards.

The individual visual transmission of the newly established investment, with well exposed advertising spaces, located in the busiest places of Cracow is a guarantee of the success of any project. Dynamism, perfection, focus on details. Cooperation with Vistula Terraces is a combination of innovation, knowledge and unconventional approach.  As part of the ongoing campaign, we provided carefully selected advertising spaces. A targeted outdoor campaign, including a large-format surface, billboards and led screens, supported the expression of the implemented project effectively. The mesh, put on the main focal point of the route, easily allows for the existence of project in the minds of consumers. This large surface format put on Cracovia with the format 147.2 x 16, 2 m is a perfectly visible, distinguished way of building relationships with the consumer. On the other hand, a dynamic message on led screens, broadcast in busy places of Cracow, intensifies their influence, easily drawing the attention of hundreds of thousands of passers-by every day. As part of the campaign we also made billboards available, well located, well visible, located near large interchanges. 

Inter-bud. Wiślane Tarasy. Reklama zewnętrzna. Powierzchnie reklamowe. Tablica billboardowa. Technologia druku UV I CITY. Ekspert komunikacji wizualnej

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