In the world full of images, our projects are drawing the attention of hundreds of thousands of consumers. Each campaign becomes an event, which sets the pulse of the whole city. 

In 2016, we were pleased to implement the project for Oshee, a brand producing isotonic drinks. A large-format area located in the centre of Cracow has successfully supported market communication of the brand. The mesh material was fastened to the facade of the building of the old Cracovia Hotel. Its impressive size of: 147.2 m x 16.2 m. One of the most modern technologies is responsible for the professional quality of the printing. Large format digital printer expedio is a top-class equipment, which uses UV inks. Faithful reproduction of the colour profile, durability and quality are its most important advantages. Due to the character of the place, the installation was carried out using the climbing method. Today, we are proud to observe further development of the brand.

Oshee. Powierzchnia reklamowa. Siatka mesh. Technologia druku UV. CITY. Expedio.

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