The complements on our offer of display window is a composition with the use of multimedia. We create a new reality by providing a wide group of the customers of shops with personalized and sophisticated multimedia visual effects in the space of display window.

In 2015, for the needs of the brand Nike, one of the world's largest manufacturers of footwear, clothing and sports accessories, we implemented a LED screen project, which was put in their display window. We focused on modern technology and proposed an innovative method of presenting the product. Thanks to the fact that the message on the medium changed dynamically, the offer could present many advantages of the product. Traditional POS materials have a limited field of operation, they often show only one selected collection or thing. Modern techniques allow companies not only to reach a larger group of buyers, but also to show the technologies used in their products. In this case, on the LED screens, the Nike brand informed the customers about how the footwear from the latest collections was designed. Everyone could become familiar with the features and advantages of investing in these specific shoes. The functionality of sports footwear and the basic elements from which it was made was shown.

Nike. Rozwiązania multimedialne. Digital Signage. Ekran LED.

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