For the needs of visual communication, we adapt the most exposed surfaces. The locations we offer are unbeatable: perfectly positioned, perfectly visible, and extremely prestigious.

In 2017, we undertook the task to produce large format advertising for the Netia brand, telecommunications operator. The Hotel Forum was the space for advertising. This building is known to every resident of Cracow. It is located opposite of the Royal Castle in Wawel, at one of the main interchanges. This is one of the most prestigious locations for advertising. In addition, it is also the largest format of advertising in Cracow, which can be seen from two bridges: Grunwaldzki and Dębnicki. Every day, thousands of people travel on this route, and your gaze meets the historic Hotel involuntarily. We made the printing on the mesh with a dimension of 126 x 15 m, which we mounted on a structure consisting of 27 welded and paneled bouquets. We have our own equipment and fitters, which greatly improved the application process. The whole was illuminated, thanks to which the advertising became even more visible at night and drew the attention of everyone staying in the area.

Netia. Powierzchnia reklamowa. Siatka mesh. Technologia druku UV. Expedio.

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