Modern solutions of technology sector revolutionize the communication with the customer and boost the sales process.

In 2016, we implemented the installation project of LED screens in authorized showrooms for one of the most well-known luxurious car brands Mercedes. As in the case of most operations using LED screens and LCD screens, the aim of the campaign was the glorious presentation of the current offer on cars in showroom. In case of such specific items, which were cars, it is an ideal solution for an effective promotion. In the showroom, where most often only some models are shown in the most popular colour variants, this option is like hitting a bull`s eye. Thanks to the influential advertising, which appears in the middle of the showroom, the customer can become familiar with a much greater offer in a short time than they would be able to do it using traditional materials, such as billboard or leaflet. The content displayed is aimed at targeting the customer, as well as promoting one particular line. The LED screen integrates with the surroundings perfectly and emphasizes both the prestige of the showroom and the high reputation of the Mercedes brand.

Mercedes. Digital Signage. Ekran LED I CITY. Ekspert komunikacji wizualnej

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