Free board

Advertising on external media is a reliable way of getting your brand out there. We offer the possibility of advertising on any selected billboard medium in Poland. Check our currently available places.

Well displayed media, located at key interchanges, which is a guarantee for effectiveness of your message. We offer advertising on any medium all over Poland. We offer rental of billboards in the traditional format of 5.04m x 2.38m and boards 6m x 3m and 12m x 4m. We operate comprehensively, from design, to installation in the destination chosen. Build the range of your offer with us.

Free board

Outdoor advertising is still an effective tool for the visual communication of a brand, used to build the image and promote the offer. Dedicated media of various formats placed near main thoroughfares, near circulation routes are a reliable medium, which builds the coverage and potential of the offer. We offer the possibility of renting the surface for advertising all over Poland. We provide the preparation of graphic design and the assembly of advertisement in any location chosen. Check our locations.


Discover the potential of our offer:

  • 2000 billboards located on the map of the whole Poland
  • formats of various size located in well visible places
  • a reliable way of building the range of offers
  • comprehensive service, from developing a graphic design through the assembly in the place indicated to service



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