Forms printed on a diversified material reflect the climate of interior and provide an excellent pre-sales support for staff.

In 2017 for the Wojas brand a Polish company manufacturing and selling leather footwear, and small leather goods, we prepared a project supporting the promotion campaign of their collection spring/summer 2017. We used tusand boards with a thickness of 10 mm to make the stands. It is an ideal product, which matches the advertisements, in particular POS-type materials. The material is light, so it is easy to put it and change its position, and at the same time it gives the effect of spatiality. It is characterized by high stiffness and high resistance to damage, due to the presence of flexible foam. Our modern technological park allowed us to perfectly reproduce the colour profile, while the final effect of the form is due to one of the most modern Cnc Kimla plotters.

Wojas. Aranżacja witryny salonu. Tusand.

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