The quintessence of emotions supported by the most modern solutions of many sectors are the characteristics of the spaces we design.

In 2015, we cooperated on the project of the dressing the display windows for the Lambert brand, the exclusive line of Wólczanka shirts and accessories. The Christmas edition of the brand undoubtedly aroused the need to discover what is inside the shop. The original creation, the richness of materials and the high quality of printed advertisements are the hallmarks of implementation. Elements placed on the glass of display, complementing the project of scenography, were made of transparent film with the help of printing, which was finally installed using white film. The solution allowed us to achieve the effect of gloss, which certainly added refinement to the display. The details visible in the background, which created depth and refers to the leitmotif design that was made from PVC board. The whole display is complemented by 3D letters. For this purpose, we used styrodur, a light and smooth material with a structure similar to foamed polystyrene. 

Lambert. Aranżacja witryny salonu. Folia easy-dot. Materiały płaskie i rolowe. CITY. Ekspert komunikacji wizualnej.

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