We provide our clients with multimedia kiosks together with dedicated softwares. What is more, we design body of a device as well as its internal IT system, including all functions and apps required by a client. Our undertakings combine functionality and outstanding design.

FIN Multimedia kiosk, designed by Piotr Jagiełłowicz who is a Chief Designer of CITY, received a prestigious award Red Dot in the Product Design 2018 category. Oscar in design, as Red Dot awards are called, is a unique recognition for designers and their achievements. International Jury composed of 40 world-famous experts in the field of design has awarded, for the first time in history, a multimedia kiosk a prize. Key criteria, apart from outstanding form, were: the level of innovativeness, ergonomics, functionality or ease of use. Our FIN information terminal was designed with developed commercial or office spaces in mind, i.e. places where information concerning location or product is crucial. Delicate shapes and massive outer material allow for harmonized adjustment of a device to different types of interiors. The external body of the product is characterized by imaginative shape reminiscent of a fin (hence its name). Kiosk is equipped with a multimedia screen of the high quality which provides its users with fully interactive service of any dedicated apps.

FIN Information kiosk:

  • winner of Red Dot Awards in the Product Design 2018 category
  • modern information kiosk designed with public places in mind
  • a device equipped with an interactive screen 32" (or 46") Full HD
  • imaginative shape of the body reminiscent of a fin (hence its name)
  • kiosk on a prop made of stainless steel which allows for the kiosk to be constantly mounted to the floor
Kiosk multimedialny FIN. Laureat Red Dot. Product Design 2018. Rozwiązania multimedialne. Digital Signage. Kiosk multimedialny I CITY. Ekspert komunikacji wizualnej

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