Terminals are an ideal solution integrated with large commercial and office spaces. Thanks to its functions, we can locate the aim that interests us efficiently. In addition, it is also a perfect place to advertise your brand.

In Cracow office building AXIS in the district Grzegórzki at 4 Rondo and Powstania Warszawskiego, we implemented a multimedia terminal project. This extremely modern building received the LEED Platinum certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is a leader of the eco-construction sector). The kiosk, which we implemented from scratch, has an information, navigation and entertainment function. Thanks to the software recorded you can find information about the process of the investment, and check what tenants are in the building. The wayfinding structure allows each user to find the way to the place of his choice in the city. From the information in the kiosk, you can find out which bus or tram lines run to the main attractions of the city, and additionally you can order a taxi or find information about the nearest bicycle rental. Kiosks are also a place of entertainment, because it has simple games for example puzzle type games, which will make the waiting time nice, like when waiting for a taxi.

Axis. Rozwiązania multimedialne. Digital Signage. Kiosk informacyjny. Infokiosk. CITY. Ekspert komunikacji wizualnej.

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