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We specialize in the design and building of exhibition stands. In our projects, we use multimedia solutions, which support and complement the attractive message of advertisements and offers. We create with using the tools of aesthetics and philosophy of the Master of Modern architecture, which combined with HI-TECH tools, Digital Signage solutions and modern composite materials, makes our projects a meaningful mark on the brand that then results their stance in the market.

For opinion-forming monthly Architecture & Business we designed and built the exhibition stand, presented at the International Fair of Construction and Architecture BUDMA 2018. These are prestigious events gathering representatives of the world of architecture, business and commerce. Due to the simplicity, clear form of message and the use of multimedia solutions, we implemented the guiding principle of ​​the project – an attractive and involving exhibition of the magazine. The perfect form, distinctive design and the use of digital signage tools emphasized a meaningful position of our customer on the market. In the design of the exhibition stand, 3 free-standing multimedia kiosks were an essential element. The interactivity of each of them allowed for a modern form of communication with the consumer.  The functionality of the devices, durability of the materials used combined with the perfect harmony of the environment became part of customer`s concept of the brand. A large format of modular LED screen complemented the design of exhibition space, which in real time allowed to broadcast a dynamic content.



- design and development of exhibition stand

- use of modern composite materials

- use of the power and potential of digital signage: 3 interactive multimedia kiosks for the exhibition of the magazine

   large format led screen, which allows to broadcast the content in real time

Architektura&;Biznes. Expo. Projektowanie i zabudowa stoisk targowych. Rozwiązania multimedialne. Digital Signage. Kioski multimedialne I CITY. Ekspert komunikacji wizualnej

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