We specialize in designing display windows. We catch the eye of people with our projects, promote the imagination and create the need to discover what is hidden inside the shop. 

The state-of-the-art technological facilities allow us to cooperate during the dressing of display windows of the leading brands. Here's the effect of our implementation for 4F. The new winter campaign of the brand with the slogan "Assume 4F emotions". We co-created the implementations of display. We prepared 180 showrooms all over Poland, and also a dozen or more were prepared as a dedicated exhibition material in Slovakia, Romania, Latvia and the Czech Republic. The advanced machine park allowed us to achieve a deep colour saturation, whereas a wide range of materials became an inherent part of the idea in utilizing the space for the project. Due to the conditions and the character of a particular interior showroom we used materials featuring flexibility, stability, low weight and high resistance to mechanical damage. The password complementing the display and constituting the main axis of the campaign was made of styrodur. This type of material used allows for an easy and aesthetic application.


  • 180 displays all over Poland
  • the use of flexible and practical materials
  • functionality combined with high quality aesthetics
4F. Aranżacja witryny salonu. Lightbox. Reklama podświetlana. Reklama LED. Terralight. Styrodur..

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