A wide range of materials, knowledge of their specificity and properties makes our display windows become the designs which encourages the imagination, creates the need to discover the interior of the showroom.

We are expecting Winter Olympic Games in Pyongsang. Our 4F customer, a leading sports sector leader is the official sponsor of the Olympic collection. In his new version, he refers to the fact of the upcoming sports emotions. We co-participated in the preparation of the Olympic display. For 20 showrooms in Poland, we prepared dedicated elements closely referring to our national colours. The main axis of the display was in red graphics. We achieved such an outstanding and distinctive effect thanks to the use of a backlit lightbox and terralight. This fabric became an inherent part of the aesthetics and the assumptions of designer`s concept, while the system of frames illuminated by LEDs gives a subtle glow to the whole. The EasyDot film allowed the easy and aesthetic application of the Olympic sticker


  • several displays for prestigious galleries in Poland
  • selection of flexible and functional materials, which becomes an inherent part of the idea of a project
  • use of the system of led illuminated frames highlighting the character of the display
4F. Aranżacja witryny salonu. Terralight, lightbox. Reklama LED.

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