Attractive display window arouses emotions, promote the imagination and irresistibly urges you to discover the full experience, which is behind it. Brilliant idea, great design and professional execution is a guarantee that the display window will become an irresistible temptation to customers. 

In 2016, we started the implementation of project for 4F, a Polish brand of clothing and sports accessories. The promotion was aimed at showing their new collection autumn / winter 2016. Considering the customer's needs, we proposed and developed an innovative way of designing the display window.

With the help of printing, we obtained the effect, which LED screens provided without any problems. Applying the principles of optics, we minimized the costs, which would have to be endured when installing the screens, and the end result was extremely comparable. The first layer visible from the display window was so semi-transparent that the graphics installed just behind it gave the impression of movement. Anyone who passed by the display window had the illusion that the image was moving with him. We fastened the whole on special cords, which guaranteed high strength and was invisible, which gave a subtle appearance. This innovative approach to the dressing of display window intrigued and amazed 4F customers. It was an attractive and memorable way to conduct the campaign promoting the collection.

4F. Aranżacja witryny salonu. Folia easy-dot.

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