Full-scale drawing creative projects

We kindle the imagination, stimulate to action and create a new dimension of communication.   

We provide professional graphic services for companies and institutions. We know how important the role of image in visual communication is. We prepare, design and print almost every advertising format on any advertising material. We also specialize in multimedia animation, which in the real time builds interaction with the customer. An experienced team of graphic designers and designers gives shape to the boldest expectations of the customer.

Graphic design

Graphic design is an art of kindling the imagination. Involving visual communication requires the use of such tools and graphic possibilities, which will immediately arouse admiration and interest. Passion and experience allow us to design original graphic creations tailored to the individual needs of their project. We offer extensive support for communication activities of the brand. Advertising materials are basic and still effective communication tools. We specialize in personalized solutions, which make use of the current knowledge in the field of graphic design and technological capabilities. We offer complete care of graphic visual communication brand, ranging from consultancy, through the implementation of project, to a high-quality print.


Discover our possibilities:

  • an experienced team of graphic designers
  • adaptation of the latest design solutions
  • comprehensive graphic support of the brand
  • one’s own technological facilities allowing for high quality of printing





Multimedia animations

A moving image is an attractive way to arouse customer interest and an invitation to interact with the brand. In the era of digital revolution which develops dynamically, a traditional static project is not enough any longer. Personalization of marketing communication and commercial offer with the use of multimedia solutions becomes a basic element of the visual communication of a brand. We specialize in creating multimedia animations: advertising spots and applications. We treat every project as a challenge. Together with the customer, we develop a scenario, then we prepare a concept, which we convert into a ready project efficiently. We provide all additional activities so that the final effect becomes an inherent part of the character of the target place of animation. Advertising spots are an attractive marketing tool, where the combination of photos, music, moving animation strongly affects the imagination of customer, stimulates their emotions and encourages to action.


Discover our possibilities:

  • an experienced team of graphic designers
  • full support for graphics companies and institutions
  • personalization of marketing communication in real time


Design of sale spaces

Impressions, emotions and sensations, which come from discovering the interior of the shop kindle the imagination and support making shopping decisions. That is why the organization of the commercial space plays such an important part, the method of designing the place of sales. We specialize in creating dedicated solutions for the proper display of goods. We design sales outlets from scratch, which emphasize the character of the place and the competitiveness of the offer. A wide range of available materials allows to meet the most demanding customer concept.


Discover our possibilities:

  • an experienced team of graphic designers
  • unlimited possibilities of creating the message on a wide range of available materials
  • one`s own, modern machines


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