Promotional lotteries and contests

We offer a comprehensive organization of promotional lotteries, share sales support and consumer promotions. Held with the use of multimedia kiosks, throughout the country, in one or more shopping centers at the same time.

Full offer includes: recommendation for an effective lottery or contest mechanism, key visual and creative concept of the promo, selection and distribution of the awards for the promo,  performance reporting, legal services, organization of the whole promo action including financial settlement and summary of the results.

Legal services include the preparation of the lottery regulations, application to the Board of Customs and obtaining a lottery permit. During the lottery we have full control over the whole process, including complaint handling. The service also includes preparation of summary protocols.

Our own graphic design team allows us to prepare creative and unique, visible branding. We offer advertising materials, totems and kiosks design, proposals of radio spots scenarios. We design and produce service and prizes pick-up point.

We provide support for a lottery at each location: service and prizes pick-up point, current services throughout promo duration, monitoring and preliminary support for emergency service. We are also recruiting hostesses, we support their training, cloths selection and supervising hostesses during the lottery.

We guarantee full security and assume legal responsibility for the organization of lotteries, including the potential claims. Lottery management system allows us to handle an unlimited number of lottery kiosks. During the promo we constantly provide and update  information about the amount of winnings and prizes given, and after the lottery we deliver a comprehensive statistics and full report.