Prepaid cards

Not only Christmas time is a time in which we decide on the selection of gifts. For the whole year, many companies and individuals are looking for an appropriate gift to pass.

To meet the expectations, City company, was created a prepaid gift card. It is a modern and comfortable alternative to a gift in the form of cash or conventional gift certificates in a paper form.

Prepaid cards are respected and proven solution in many industries. Perfectly fit into the support strategies of sales, motivate customers, partners and contractors. Prepaid card is a type of bank card functioning on the principle of "pay before"  its value is determined by pre-provisioning account with the amount concerned.

We offer prepaid cards operating system Visa and MasterCard (optional).

Prepaid card is an effective solution for you:

  • security card offering proven, ideal for everyone,
  • wide acceptance network  the possibility of self-determination of the point of sale,
  • saves time  fast delivery time and delivery of cards,
  • easy transportation, logistics and warehousing,
  • the card's value is determined by pre-provisioning account the corresponding amount,
  • automatically subtraction of the amount of transactions held on the measures
  • the ability to issue cards "on the spot" without customization,
  • no need to have a personal account in the bank issuing the card,
  • flexible product that can be adapted to the different needs of customers,
  • ensuring the same level of security as in the case of credit cards,
  • the possibility of multiple supply card,
  • no minimum number of prepaid cards  cards are made from one piece!

Cards can also customize and personalize by:

  • the preparation of a dedicated card design,
  • logo printing or customer password on the card,
  • logo printing or customer password on the envelope.

Moreover, prepaid cards could be in excellent use as a prize in a sweepstakes or contests.