LED screens network

Following the latest trends in outdoor advertising City offers its customers a free-standing screens network in digital LED technology. We offer stand-alone media network in prime urban areas of the city. In winter we offer locations at major ski resorts in Poland and in summer the most popular Polish seaside resorts. Dynamic advertising message, carefully chosen locations, and high-quality media makes advertising message stands out in a rush of traditional, static ways of advertising.

The changing advertising content which is clearly visible day and night combined with LED technology enables high-quality visual presentation. Our LED carrier 12 m² surface can be compared to a huge TV screen. Displays any video content, stimulating perception of the recipient.

Interactive formula allows to update the content very quickly. That allows communication with the customer to change and avoid recipient to be bored. Full flexibility and ability to match the current needs of the campaign: brand, product, teaser campaigns. Advanced technology allows interaction with potential customers using SMS, MMS, Bluetooth.

LED screen is an excellent alternative to traditional billboard – effective and noticible guarantees high quality, full flexibility, eliminats the cost of printing and long periods of production. It can also be used together with campaign based on traditional billboards.

We provide advice how to prepare advertising spot that it is efficient and effective.

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