MRPO 2.1


CITY SERVICE Stopa, Wróblewski, Zamorski - spółka jawna
received a grant from Małopolski Regionalny Program Operacyjny 2007-2012

to implement the following project: City Service competivness increase and new services development
in the area of large format OHH advertising
(Wzrost konkurencyjności i rozwój oferty nowych usług
wielkoformatowej reklamy zewnętrznej w firmie City Service, p
roject No MRPO.02.01.01-12-0241/11)

 Priority No: 2 Regional Opportunity Economy
The total value of the project: 1,510,720.96 zł   
The grant value:  488,907.43 zł

In October 2012 City installed first in Europe 8 colures large format printing machine „Uvistar PRO-8 5032” by Matan Digital Printers with UV technology and able to print 5 meters width. This equipment guaranties  high quality of colors (Fujifilm Uvijet QN, Parallel Drop Size technology) and large spectrum of media that can be printed on.